I work with entrepreneurs mostly artisans, holistic health practitioners and artists in early start up stages including creating websites and online stores, business articles, biographies, and formal texts.

A bit about me 🙂

Enjoying one of my favorite fruits papaya!

My name is Johanna Mercedes; I have an Environment, Business, and Entrepreneurship degree from the University of Waterloo in Canada. I have been fascinated and involved in entrepreneurship my whole life, thanks to a mom entrepreneur. I strive to share the tools, resources, and skills I have had access to from my métisée privilege and gained through the accomplishment of my Canadian post-secondary education.

Through various entrepreneurial projects of my own, I have come to realize that their success directly correlates with my start-ups aligning, adapting, and evolving alongside my personal development and healing journey. Applying healing and expansion principles to self and one’s business in my experience unlocks the key to harmonious growth and sustained passion between entrepreneur and business endeavor.

Self-growth for me has been linked to new perceptions, and new belief systems as well as new experiences and environments that feel safe, supportive, and welcoming founded on mutually beneficial local travel and genuine connection to land, culture, people, and self.

Just as I am always changing in unison, so is my business! I welcome you to the journey of merging self-expansion and business development for optimal entrepreneurial success!

With  Love,

-Johanna Mercedes

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