Resources for Entrepreneurs

I support entrepreneurs in early start up stages including creating websites and online stores, business articles, biographies, formal texts. I enjoy discovering and sharing the various forms of creative expression people give out to this world. One of my favorite things to do is write and bring words to the energetic fields between person and creative output/ entrepreneurial endeavor. I also offer traditional business consultation services for start up entrepreneurs looking to bring together their missions with an important focus on self expansion and business alignment.


  • Entrepreneurship Conception Processes value proposition, business model, business plan ( Bringing together and making sense of the Dream(s)!)
  • Customer Experience and Design client research, website development and content creation ( Making the Dream(s) functional and presentable)
  • Marketing Strategy, Marketing and brand development, segmentation and targeting, competitor analysis ( Getting the Dream(s) out there)
  • Write ups, articles, blog posts, reviews, biographies, social media ( Sharing the magic and allowing it to be discoverable through various forms)
  • Consultations to assist with aligning business strategies and operations to self ( Gene Key Reading, energy healing for creative output, business and self development)
  • Personalized Entrepreneurial Incubation retreats

Contact Johanna Mercedes for more information and to get started!

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